Year Round Parasite Prevention for Pets in Round Rock, Texas

Orange Cat smelling the grassParasites rob your pet of important nutrients and can carry a number of pathogens that can cause devastating diseases. At Animal Care Clinic, our veterinarians and staff will keep your pet on a course of parasite prevention and control that ensures they stay happy and healthy for years to come.


Fleas are tiny, leaping insects, which feed on blood. They are common and create a great deal of discomfort for dogs and cats that they infest. These parasites can trigger allergic reactions, skin infections and are vectors for disease.

It can be extremely difficult to clear fleas from an infested home. It is important to do everything you can to prevent infection in the first place.

At Animal Care Clinic, we offer flea prevention methods for all breeds of cats and dogs including Proheart, Revolution flea and tick for cats, and Bravecto products. Our staff is eager to assist you to establish the most effective option for your pet.


Ticks also live off of blood. They also tend to be carriers of pathogens that transmit diseases. The good news is that prevention of tick infestation is quite similar to that for preventing fleas. Many of the same products will work for both.


Heartworm is one of the worst parasites your dog or cat can contract. These creatures lodge themselves in your pet’s heart and they can create all manner of cardiovascular issues, including heart disease and lung disease. Heartworm infestation is very serious and it can often be fatal to pets.

Treating heartworm is expensive and can cause your dog to undergo a grueling treatment, which may take a major toll on their health. For cats there is no treatment. Removing the worm from the cat can cause heart failure and other potentially fatal complications.

The good news is that these parasites are quite easy to prevent in both cats and dogs. Animal Care Clinic veterinarians are able to offer a variety of options for keeping these nasty critters at bay and making sure your pet stays healthy and safe. We use Proheart and Triheart products for heartworm prevention.


Worms are another common parasite that can cause great damage to your furry friend’s overall health. On the up side, they are easy to prevent, diagnose and treat. We recommend regular fecal checks to make sure your pet is not infested with worms. If they are, we will provide medication and advice for cleaning up the environment to minimize the potential for infection in the future.

Another danger is that some worms can transfer from your pet to you. If your pet is found to have these types of worms, we will advise you of the risk and provide the necessary steps you need to take to protect your family.

If you need more information or think your pet may have contracted parasites, please give us a call today. We are here to help.