Year Round, All Breed Pet Grooming Services in Round Rock

Dog taking a bathMany people consider pet grooming a luxury, meant only to keep your pet looking pretty. While this is certainly the end effect of great professional pet grooming, it is not the only reason to pursue these services.

Pet grooming is a tool for your pet’s health. A qualified groomer can spot parasites, spot dermatological issues, and can make sure your veterinarian is informed of potential concerns.

Professional Grooming for Dogs in Round Rock

Our groomer, Bryan, has 20 years of experience working with all breeds of dogs. Your companion will love it when they receive services from him, including nail trimming, coat maintenance, professional bathing, and head-to-tail grooming.

Combining Services

You may wish to combine Bryan’s expert grooming services with your pet’s normal wellness exams. Doing so can eliminate the stress of repeated back-and-forth appointments.

If we have the slots available, we are always pleased to handle as many of your pet’s needs as possible in a single appointment. When you call to schedule a visit, feel free to inquire as to whether you can take advantage of multiple services at once.

Grooming Only

Even if you are not a veterinary client of Animal Care Clinic, you can still call upon us for grooming services. In order to ensure the safety of all of our guests, we do require that all vaccinations be up to date before taking your companion on as a client for grooming.

We will do our best to ensure your pet is relaxed and comfortable while receiving grooming services. To get your furry family member looking like a million dollars and feeling their best, schedule an appointment with Bryan today.

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